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Obviously NOT, and obviously buying a First Date isn’t either … The Whats Your Challenge: To prove this is a viable model for dating, we are going to send one of our own SINGLE staff members — a ‘regular Joe’ — to test out Whats Your over the next few weeks.He will be armed with 1000 credits (which is what members of our First Date Guarantee package will get) and 0 in cash.Does paying for gas every time you fill up at the gas station mean that Mobil or BP is pimping?Does donating money to the Church every Sunday morning equate religion to prostitution? While I have already received numerous emails from new members telling me how Whats Your is working extremely well for them, I want to prove that this website works for just about everyone.While our website has only been live since March 29th, 2011, we have already had over 10,000 new signups (and we are adding close to 2,000 new accounts a day). We have been responsible for setting up over 500 dates.But what is even more alarming is how quickly the media got wind of our website – which is supposed to be officially launched next week!

But does paying money for a cup of coffee every morning mean Starbucks is engaging in prostitution?

Marital or relationship problems can come in different shapes & sizes.

If you are feeling distraught, desperate for a help, please remember that you’re not alone and find some solutions to deal with your problems.

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Here are some of the headlines that showed up since yesterday: New Dating Site Is Indistinguishable From Prostitution MSNBC. It’s okay to host charity events where first dates with beautiful people are sold off to the highest bidder in the name of helping a charitable cause.

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