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Regardless, this is a solid technique used to invoke sympathy.

I lost something, someone, and this all could have been avoided if only they had been different.

We have restored the article in full, and apologize for the confusion.

In case you missed it, there’s been bizarre You Tube drama going on between Matthew Santoro and Gunnarolla, with special guest appearances by Matthew’s girlfriend, Nicole Arbour, and Gunnarolla’s friend, Meghan Tonjes. Today there was a new development in the form of an even more bizarre video by the Santoro/Arbour camp, upset about being “bullied” by Gunnarolla’s fans, and claiming that he and Tonjes have been doing all of this for publicity.

Number of her videos have high numbers of views and generate that way considerable net worth for her.

Nicole Arbour, born in Hamilton, Ontario, is a Canadian actress, comedian, singer, dancer, musician and comedian. Arbour began her work as an actress from the movie Silent But Deadly and the comedy show Howie Do it.

She later claimed that it was intended as an satire.

Her most recent relationship was with fellow You Tuber Matthew Santoro.

In 2009, Arbour was picked by Wired Magazine as “The Hottest Geek”.

Nicole was once a topic of controversy when she released the music video titled "Dear Fat People" where she was criticized for fat shaming.

Controversy blew her again after Arbour left a harsh comment on a You Tube video stating about domestic violence.

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