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The cost of the rehab is being shared by DOT, Monroe County and the city of Marathon. The bridge was decommissioned in 1982 when the adjacent new Seven Mile Bridge opened. The old bridge is riddled with problems, from the decking falling apart to the railings rusting and breaking. A few years later, citing dangers caused by excess weight, it closed it to fishing, too.DOT is paying .2 million, the county .24 million and Marathon .34 million. Since then, only pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters have been allowed to use it.It should be done soon and DOT work will start in August on the 2.2-mile span of the bridge that leads to Pigeon Key, Orozco said.It includes restoring the bridge’s structural capacity, repairs to concrete and steel, a new pedestrian railing, signs and pavement markings. The 2.2-mile section of the span that heads from Marathon to historic Pigeon Key, a former railroad-worker camp, is slated to close July 5 so the state Department of Transportation can begin a 30-year rehabilitation project. Six were of size, and two were monsters,” United States Coast Guard Master Chief Charles Lindsey of the Marathon station declared.Lindsey is not only the man in charge, but also a technical diver with hundreds of deepwater wreck dives marked in…There is something leveling about bistro classics done right.It’s a high-low mix that blends time-earned talent with a baseline of humility.

Thus, even though you may have legal or professional records listed under a previous name, your credit and legal history will still be available to employers unless the information has been expunged or sealed from official record searches.

Read More (Diver Wire) - This is the first of a series of articles by Keys Journalist Josie Koler as she explores the wrecks of the Florida Keys. Remove the snorkel from your mouth and say, “I wanna see the Barracuda! Read More Diver Wire is pleased to welcome back Josie Koler from The Weekly Newspapers in the Florida Keys. Once you stop, the skills, and perhaps you, can get…

Josie will be writing regularly about diving-related issues and topics. Read More Diver Florida Keys correspondent Josie Koler continues to provide exceptional on-site reports from the warm summer waters of South Florida. Scott Cruit came to the Caribbean from the chilly waters of California.

But sometimes such distractions aren’t quite enough. Sometimes, amid the backdrop of tasteful Hemingway likenesses framing my chiseled visage, not to mention the fact Papa’s one-time shanty is but a block down Whitehead, they will notice a similarity in appearance between yours truly and the late Key Wester.

Sunday, the quest for amusement took me inside our little (circa 1850) shop for a closer look at the ever-enchanting inventory. Especially if they have been snorkeling in the sea of rum in which our island constantly is awash.

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