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Meanwhile, the thread rose like a rocket to over a hundred posts.

The quote was originally a large single red question mark, but somewhere in the process of becoming a meme, had multiple ? 20 Minutes (Never Forget) One day, child pornography was posted on 4chan's /b/ and stayed there for 20 minutes before moderators got around to removing it.

Here we cross from riding along the Kamo River, over both the Uji River and the Kitsu River, just above the point they all merge to become the mighty Yodo River. Many shots on this post are boring out of the context of “here’s what the river path looks like along the way”, which is perhaps boring in its own right, but useful datapoints for those interested in making the trip themselves.

This post is about 49-km (31-mile) ride from Kyoto to Osaka, primarily on bike paths along the rivers that cut through the concrete jungle filling the flatlands between mountains (the concrete jungle seen in this long shot of the Osaka skyline from Kyoto).

of path segments haphazardly connected by trips across bridges, around people's homes, and sometimes on the street.

They know how to transcribe industry jargon and correctly reference websites, and are a life saver in a pinch.

I can’t imagine using any other company or service for transcription!

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