Checksum mismatch while updating eclipse

We use the We are going to copy the repository folder (which is on the server on campus) to a new working-copy folder (on your personal computer).

I cannot tell you how RELIEVED I was as we left our first appointment.So you could have 2 different files with identical contents (but different block-sizes) have different checksums. File-size is 0 (in which case the call to the checksum-servlet is moot). Then the results of a distcp could still be trusted unless you've explicitly specified -skip Crc. Rather it would be safer to advise people to, when they attempt to copy files with different block sizes, to either specify -pb or -skip Crc.(Thus, it's also possible for Dist Cp to fail to copy files on the same file-system, if the source-file's block-size differs from HDFS default, and -pb isn't used.) I propose that we skip checksum comparisons under the following conditions: 1. So better documentation, warnings and error messages might suffice. (For the moment, let's ignore that while Dist Cp code in 2.0/ does honour -skip Crc, 0.23/ code does not.So first you must make a key decision: where do you want to store your working copy?(I.e., you need to decide on a folder name.) in your group can check out this file, from the repository.

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